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Berni Real-Estate in the Dominican Republic consults, purchase properties, inspects homes, is selling properties, provides title security, assist with construction permits or invests with partners real-estate developers and entrepreneurs, in Cabarete and Sosua preferred in the Dominican Republic .

25 Years Dominican Republic real estate for sale and for rent. We provide owner or bank financing for you. We offer villas, condominiums in best locations





We list Real-Estate the Dominican Republic and since 20 Years we earned the trust of our valued
customers and friends.

Berni Real-Estate Companies is regional, full-service real estate development and management company.

Our objective is to be a profitable leader in commercial, retail and residential real estate developing beach properties in the North-Coast of the Dominican Republic.

We serve our customers needs and will consistently produce and developments of lasting value. We recognize the need to be flexible, entrepreneurial, and aggressive, both as individuals and as a company.

We believe in teamwork, innovation, professionalism, and long-term decision-making.

We endeavor to preserve and enhance our trustworthy reputation and integrity through all our actions.


Developers in the DR

As Berni Real-Estate in the Dominican Republic we consult, purchase properties, inspect homes, selling properties, provide title security, assist with construction permits or invest with partner real-estate developers and entrepreneurs in Cabarete, Sosua in the Dominican Republic in general. Berni Dominican Republic Real-Estate present a small selection of a large property portfolio. .

Mostly presenting own developments that accumulated over the past 20 Years.
All Titles are checked and insured during transfer. We only publish properties with clean title or is some cases we use Escrow accounts till all issues are clear. Berni Real-Estate may also promote your property.

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Berni Real Estate

logoBerni Real Estate and its affiliates have had a major impact on the NorthCoast of the Dominican Republic Developments area’s real estate development industry since 1993. Headquartered in Cabarete Surfer Village at the North-coast of the Dominican Republic, the company has an extensive history of successful development and acquisition of properties in retail, residential, and land and resort development. Berni Real Estate Companies is one of the most known development companies in the region. The company has professionals in all facets of the development process at site including design and construction, project management, land planning and zoning, legal, accounting, property management, leasing, and project finance. Berni Real Estate has developed or initiated some of the most highly recognized and successful projects in the entire North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

At Berni Real Estate, the focus has always been on land and its uses: studying it, acquiring it and knowing what and when to build on it. Today, a map between Cabarete and Sosua reveals what this focus has produced. For over 20 years, the company has been a leader in the area of mixed-use suburban development and has played a leadership role on many prominent real estate projects in between Sosua and Cabarete – including such projects as Blue Green, Bay Rock Penthouses, Villas Marinas, “Good-land” Developments, Residential Studios,Enquentro beach new surf Developments, Cabarete Palace, Vista Verde Village and Terramar Estates. We have Land available for further Developments with masterplans and general approvals ready to move on.

The future potential of Berni Real Estate is evidenced by its pipeline for future development, which will allow the Company to continue to pursue a wide range of development opportunities throughout the region for years to come. The Company reserves over 1,000 acres of land at many locations at the North Coast. This land is in various stages of planning, zoning and development and ultimately could yield over Tousends of square meters of office/industrial use, of retail, and 1,000 residential units.

Berni Real Estate is led by Bernhard Tietz, Founder and Chairman. Bernie Is mostly known for his successfully Developments and strong partners relations in the Industry as well as the good relations with brokers and sales associates in real estate.




The “Deslinde

a Procedure Necessary for Real Estate Transactions mandatory after April 4, 2009

The new Property Registry Law (Law #108-05) that has been in effect since April 4, 2007, and its enabling regulations, have drastically changed Dominican real estate law. One essential element of this modernization has been the requirement of a “deslinde” for all real estate transactions: purchases, sales, mortgages, condominium formation, etc.

More about title security in the DR

berni-fbminiBernhard Tietz CEO

My team and I worked hard being serious, transparent and serving our returning customers whenever there is a need and most of all staying positive at all times.

We do real estate consulting, purchasing properties, home inspections, selling (some customers go home after some time or upgrade their assets), title security, construction permits or simple investments for developers and entrepreneurs

We initiated a lot of developments as you will see on this website.

Bernhard Tietz CEO





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